Office Space to Rent in King Cross

King Cross is such a nice place to rent an office or set up a business operation because the place has become a one-stop bus stop for Eurostar travellers on their way to and from the terminal at St. Pancras station.

In King Cross, the available office spaces are surrounded by local amenities, numerous shops and symbols that give off the area’s cultural experience. With office space to rent in King Cross, you get some of the best cultural and fabulous experiences in London, in the Regent Quarter, in Leigh street, on Caledonian road and in Marchmont Street.

Features of an Office Space to Rent in King Cross 

There are different types of office space to rent in King Cross. From Gray Inn Road to York Way to Euston Road to King Cross Road London, to Belgrove to Mabledon place, any type of office you need is available.

Whatever type of office you’re after will come with a fully managed office space, and other features such as a functional desk, Front desk functions, Video conference room, well-sized office space, bike racks, parking lot, coworking space. There is also easy exit to the terminals of underground stations and St. Pancras International, clear view of the city ahead, air conditioner, natural light access, and a fully furnished office.  

Apart from these features, there are also meeting rooms available to rent for use. You can hold your meetings, conferences, interviews and host a small crowd. All these spaces come for an affordable price.

Why look for an office space to rent in King Cross?

Due to the extensive commercial redevelopment in the area, there are numerous options for serviced office spaces in King Cross. King Cross was once a rundown area in London but was later transformed to a new vibrant location for office spaces. Arguably one of the best working environments in London, King Cross has some of the lowest office space rent in London.

The area is centred around the two main railway stations in the area which are the King’s Cross and St. Pancras International. This area is perfect for people looking to travel to and from the north of England and Scotland. You can also gain access to other parts of Europe as the St. Pancras station is the main link between this part of Europe and the rest part through the high-speed Eurostar services. You can virtually link up to Paris, Lille, Brussels, Rotterdam, Nice, Amsterdam, and other parts of Europe to London.

King Cross offers one of the most flexible workspace opportunities. So, you have for your selection an open-plan workspace, coworking space or shared office spaces, depending on what you need the space for.  

Whether you’re a freelancer, office executive, or just need a place to work and get things done, an office to rent in Kings Cross has lots to offer that would fit your bill.